Grow Your Faith


Grow your faith

So you want to get to know God…
But how? Great question.

At TOG, we’ve found that two of the best ways to get to know God better are through prayer and reading your Bible. We get it, those things can feel daunting if you’ve never done them before! Below are some tips and resources to help you grow in your faith through prayer and reading your Bible.

Start praying (talk to God and approach him in Jesus’ name…God hears you…really!). There aren’t any magic words. Just talk with God like you’d talk with a friend. You can be honest and straightforward. It starts with your desire to connect with and know God and grows from there.
But prayer really comes alive when you pair it with reading your Bible.

Read Your Bible
You can’t have a close relationship with someone you never talk to. It’s impossible. God’s word—the Bible—is the primary way He speaks to us. And it’s the absolute best way to discover how to follow Jesus on a daily basis. If you want to know more about God and His promises, reading the Bible is your next step.
You can download the YouVersion bible app for free for your phone or tablet.
Also, stop by our Next Steps table on a Sunday to get a free Bible on us.

Then start reading. 10 minutes a day.

We suggest starting with The Gospel of John and then reading Romans.
If you want more background on reading the Bible, where it came from and frequently asked questions, this series of 60 second videos can be tremendously helpful.

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